The List

Here's the list of every game I'll be playing- eventually.

The List

Saturday, April 9, 2011


So I've already stated they'll only be the games released in the US and PAL regions, but I haven't really made it painfully clear exactly how poor I am; I am pretty severely impoverished right now. Ha. So I won't be attempting to track down and purchase every NES game- I'm just going to use an emulator.

Now, I'm also probably not going to beat all of the games, either- have you ever heard the term "Nintendo-hard"? Back then, when quite a few games were created with arcades in mind, companies made video games damn-near impossible to play without prodigious amounts of skill, so people put in more and more quarters, just to get their asses handed to them. No, I'm only going to guarantee a minimum of 30 minutes of every game in the library, even if I hate playing it. If I like it- like a lot of the games I'm going to play- I'll stick with it for a few hours and maybe even beat it. I'll upload screenshots of my victories and just blog about my failures.

Now aside from that, if this thing ever picks up any steam, (probably from 4chan's /v/) I could start doing live streams of games using Procaster, and invite people to come and watch me fail. I dunno, that's kinda a long way off.

Torrenting my first library of games right now, I'll check back in after I play five or so.

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