The List

Here's the list of every game I'll be playing- eventually.

The List

Saturday, April 9, 2011

Contractions and an Idea

Is there a limit in the English language regarding contractions? Are words like couldn't've and can't've and shouldn't've allowed? Somebody find out and tell me, because I'm certainly not going to.

Also, an idea just came to me for a platform on which to stage this whole 'writing thing': I can play every game ever made for the Nintendo Entertainment System, and blog about each game, but only those released in the US and PAL regions.

For the list of games I'll be playing, I'll be using Wikipedia's list of NES games, if they have one... They do, and here it is. Wow.

799 games... Wow... Fuck it, here we go.

If you happen to've (see? convenient) stumbled upon this and you have a game that's not on the list, or a foreign game you'd like to suggest, post it here and, after a review, it'll be added onto the list.

...Totally not starting on this right now, though. Tomorrow, we begin.

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