The List

Here's the list of every game I'll be playing- eventually.

The List

Monday, April 11, 2011

The Lion King

Okay, do NOT judge me, but this game was completely awesome when I was younger- I spent hours every week, on the side, beating this thing. Of course, back then I had a bit of a fetish for anything Lion King, with my brother, but I like to think it was the rich gameplay, and the... The...

Ehh, it was mainly the music and Pumba. And Scar.

Oh, holy shit, Scar. I had this weird obsession with Scar when I younger- Scar, and Anthony Hopkins, both.

Greeaat shot of some dramatic tension toward the end of the game... I only wish they had put some more of Scar's voice acting in...

Oh, and a shot of me getting mauled, shortly thereafter. Neat.

Now, I'm not going to say that it's a rad game, but my nostalgia while playing it made sure I had a blast the whole way through.

There is one, little thing that always bothered me...

In the game, there's a code you can put in that unlocks some stuff- level select, mainly. What bothers me is that the code is 'B, A, R, R, Y'. Like a Berry. Because they're in the jungle. Isn't that clever? Except that 'Barry' is the name of the guy who comes into JalapeƱo Tree four times a week for a Russian Bulldog, not a delectable jungle treat that lions don't even partake of to begin with. 

Agh, so much nerd rage... Does that bother anyone else, really?


  1. I never knew the code, so no rage here! game seemed really hard for me at that time

  2. This was the bomb as a movie back in the day.