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The List

Monday, April 11, 2011

Power Moves

Okay, now for a bit of an oddity; Power Moves.

Except I accidentally held Ctrl again after Ctrl + I instead of Shift, and did Ctrl + P, which prompted my desktop to inform me there is not a printer installed.

...It was startling.

Anyway Power Moves. 

This is like a... B-list fighting game, I guess. Pretty derivative of Street Fighter and a few others, with some pretty racially insensitive characters, to boot. It's not that this is the poor man's Street Fighter- we had two SF games- it's just a bit.. Different.

I do love the characters, though. Let's give 'em a look:






The Spaniard.


Oh, and I, Joe, am an American. 

The combat basically consists of move about, one punch, one kick, a throw, and two special moves: a projectile (back, forward + punch + kick), and a utility move (forward + punch + kick). The pattern's easy to memorize because everyone has the same god damned move list. So after a while you end up just getting lazy, backed in a corner, waiting them to use a utility move so you can melt their face with your Hadouken rip off. 

Pictured: Joe, Ladies' Man 

There is one hurdle, though. And it is a MASSIVE one.

Ranker, the boss. The only other American in the game, and he is a complete douchebag.

He's fast, strong, and he has two killer techniques- Tsundere Beef, and Yawn, Sah. (Okay, it's really Thunder Fist and Ground Strike, but we didn't discover this 'til many years later- it's exactly what he sounds like.)

Not only that, but his regular punches take fight priority over your super-duper-double fisted air strike utility move. What's that? You finally managed to catch the muscular bastard in the air and wen to give him a fist enema?

Too bad- the underside of his thigh made contact with your wrist. DOWN.

 It does feel good though, when you finally manage to put him on the ground. You ever get in a fight with your dad? Like a fist fight? Did you manage to hit him? Yeah, it felt kinda like that... Even though you know he's about to get up and obliterate the very idea of your existance

Oh, and when he does crush you, he remains poised, and gives a stoic thumbs-down. 


Needless to say, I did not overcome my childhood on this day- these games are MUCH harder than I remember; not sure if I'm getting dumber, or it's just because I'm having to use the keyboard instead of the luxurious plastic contraption, but I got cleaned today. This game is what I spent the majority of my time doing.  

But aside from all that, one of the biggest reasons I love this game? The music and samples.

The voice samples they use for this game are simply... Incredible. If you're into ROMing, download Power Moves next time you get the chance, open the options, select sound test, and enjoy yourself- you won't regret it. 

Alright, so, next session I move on to some more games, maybe some Lemmings, I dunno yet- I do, however know the first BIG game I'm going to cover will be... 

Here's a teaser: 

Did you just get goosebumps?


  1. I had completely forgotten this game existed.

  2. news to me, thanks for sharing

  3. Donkey fucking Kong.
    Fucking awesome. BRB dling roms.

  4. DK COUNTRY! Whoa, it has been way too long since I have played that game.

  5. hey nice post! I always love reading about video games lol

  6. old games...
    i feel nostalgia :)

  7. DK was hands down one of the most solid video games ever produced

  8. You bet I got Goosebumps. Damn. Donkey Kong Country. Nostalgia all over the place right now.

  9. So many images, love it! interesting game blog too. Following!

  10. Thanks man! When are you going to show us more moves??