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The List

Saturday, April 9, 2011

Warcrimes- 10-Yard Fight and 1942

So I spent the last hour and a half or so testing out my new emulator- fceux. Has the same functionality as my GBA emus, can't complain.

The games I chose for the maiden voyage of this campaign were picked... Alphabetically. Ha. Anyway, I played through 10-Yard Fight and 1942 today.

10-Yard Fight surprised me- I'm not much of a sports gamer, so I was afraid this was going to be akin to Madden. The gameplay's not exactly thrilling- especially once you realize that once your player comes into contact with another player, they are essentially dead on the ground. There is something to be said though, for the excitement of winning your first touchdown, which happened to be right after kickoff, for me.

Each touchdown nets you victory over one half of each game- games progress from high school, to college, then to pro and finally super. I know it's supposed to be a Super Bowl game without the lawsuits, but my first thought was "Super Pro" and that's just... Dumb.

I don't have an image of my triumph over the black-clad super league team people, because I got my ass beat. After that disheartening little drop, I noticed a bit past thirty minutes had passed, so I moved. on.

1942. You look at the title and you see THIS IS A WORLD WAR II GAME. I know back then it was still pretty fresh material, but since then dozens if not hundreds of games  have been released that are WWII-central. Still though, it was kinda neat to see some original ideas on the topic.

You start off on an ocean liner, so I can only assume we're somewhere in the Pacific theater, which means Japanese. Ten seconds in, I realize holy crap, this is probably one of the first bullet-pattern games. While I can't be sure of that, I also have no idea when the more popular bullet-pattern games came out, so I'm going to assume my assumption is correct.

Nothing really overly exciting here- standard dodge / fire / upgrade sort of thing. You start with what looks like one of the original biplanes launched into a dogfight, (the kind that had the guns in front that were timed to fire to pass in between the blades of the propeller... Man that is cool...) and as you progress you can grab upgrades to firepower and even nab little companion ships that will tag along, even though they make maneuvering a bit more cumbersome.

Politically, the games pretty harmless, unless you're the type to let a bullet-pattern game ruin you life; (and I am) though I couldn't help but notice that all enemy planes are marked with a large red dot in the center of their plane. I'm thinking, Rising Sun? Divine Wind, and all that?

If so, that would explain why not a one of them has qualms with ramming their damned plane directly into mine. 

Oh my god, though, the music- it was fucking awful. You know how in rhythm games, they play a tone to indicate you've done something wrong? I thought that's what it was, at first; I seriously believed that that screeching noise was punishment for taking a glancing hit or something. The game is MUCH more bearable with Chiptune David's 'where am i' in the background, or some Falco Lombardi.

Here's a youtube video of some guy playing the game.

I think there're a few moments of peace where it's just the music, but the rest of the time it's drowned out by the addition of the smashing sound the guns make. Ugh... Just awful.

Later I'm doing 1943, 3D Worldrunner, and 720.


  1. These are some seriously old school games.

  2. the secret to 10 yard fight, is running at 45 degree angles btw what emulator do you use and where can it be downloaded.

  3. FCEUX is the emulator, and you can find it here: